Growing up in the 90's, the Disney Channel was nothing short of magical. This tumblr is a dedication to a television era that holds a special place in our hearts. Let the Disney nostalgia begin! My Personal Tumblr :Lips On A Napkin

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ohyeah90sdisney's LATEST TWEETS

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ehdreeahnah’s boy meets world alphabet
 ↳ Disneyworld.

"Just like that, go to Florida? That’s insane! What about sunscreen?

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12 days of Disney Christmas

Day 08Pluto’s Christmas Tree

My second favourite cartoon ever!

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I use to watch the Gummi Bears when I have the chance. It was fun and has some great moment from the show.

I wished this would have made an straight to DVD series or movie. It still has some story to tell. It was a great part of Saturday Morning.

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